Michael J. Schaeffer



Life as a Indefinite Larger Number. Myriad, Consistent and Great. Ambiguous this Existence. Equivocal. Murky. Life! This Thick Enigmatic Challenge is all here on Tierra to Live and Mystify the Addle and Baffle in this Duration. The Mystical God and His Vision. Experience this Insight and Intuition of Belief and Self. Naked as Adam and Eve. Naive, Genuine and Natural. Innocent and without Knowledge. The Fruit. The Fallen Angel. The Brother of God. The Creator, The Fallen and The After Math Clan. Sticks and Stones. Shields and Swords. Broken Bones and Hell. Bound to Keep Us Safe in the Night, in the Day and in the Afternoon. An Insight and a Intuition of Belief on this Experience Called Discipline. Naive, Genuine and Natural. The Mystical God. What a Large Number this Life. Ambiguous, Existence, Equivocal and the Depths of the Murky Challenges in Life We All are Called...

Tierra = Earth


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  • Published: December 11th, 2017 03:55
  • Comment from author about the poem: The Maze of Life on Earth. I Wonder what Adam & Eve went Threw with The Devil & Temptation? And How God Handled a Broken Heart with the Fall of Earth?
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