Suffering in Silence


 As I was walking down the road one day
I came upon this soul
And from the look upon his wary face
His heart was torn and cold
I continued walking on my way and he began to walk with me
I ask him Sir what troubles you and this is what he said to me
I am suffering in silence
A pain no man should ever wear
I am suffering in silence
Please listen and I’ll share
See I was once a man with everything
I had my children and my wife
But Fate knocked on my door one day
And he began to change my life
It seemed that Fate had known my woman
From many years before
And should I have heard her silent please
He’d still be at the door
But now I’m suffering in silence
I stepped back and let him in
And as he gazed upon my lovely wife
He just looked at me and grinned
See he plays a game with wounded hearts
And he knows just where they are
But I never noticed till that day
Upon my wife’s there was a scar
He said soft words into her ear
And the tears began to fall
But not knowing what it was he said
I began to lose it all
My wife was now in his embrace
And I was frozen like a stone
Which put me in another place
To suffer all alone
Now I am suffering in silence
A man without a life
I am suffering in silence
I lost my children and my wife
Now Fates game it had started
And my wife was on a roll
But Fate picked up the tempo
As he was playing for control
He soon was moving close enough
To get his hands upon her heart
My wife gave up the battle
Playing hard right from the start
Now that Fate had won the game
He began to take his prize
He took my life away from me
And right before my very eyes
I couldn’t let it end this way
And I had to do my part
But as he grinned at me and took my wife
He put scar upon my heart
Now I’m suffering in silence
Just awaiting his return
Now I’m suffering in silence
And living with this burn
Now that you’ve heard my story
Right from the very start
I’ll ask you where you’re heading Sir
With that scar upon your heart
See this road is for the lonely
Only traveled by the blind
The ones who Fate has played his game
And left their loved ones far behind
So, as I suffer here in silence
Here’s what I’ll say to you
Just turn around and run back home
Your wife suffers just like you
As his words fell on my eager ears
And my heart began race
I looked the man dead in his eye
Just to see my own face
So, I turned around to head back home
With his words, still on my mind
My heart was fast and my feet were faster
Cause I knew what I would find
As I crossed the yard heading to the door
Before it was too late
There stood a man all dressed in black
And introduced himself as Fate

  • Author: Fate (Offline Offline)
  • Published: December 11th, 2017 05:58
  • Category: Unclassified
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