A Letter From The General To His Protege

By now I had become used to my mentor,
that is to say the general.
For years now,
He has always kept me by his side.
He has taken me under his wing.
He saw me as a soldier,
and nothing less.
The man was a great man,
whose presence was always made known,
and if not,
was felt in the air from over a mile away.
Yet as I wait in the camp,
I feel no presence of anyone.
As I head back into my tent,
I see a letter sitting on my desk.
It is signed: To My Protege
As I unfold the letter,
I begin to read.
- I have always seen you as a Lieutenant,
but I have also seen you as a daughter.
I have tried my best to train you,
so that one day,
you may take my place as General.
That is why,
it is with a heavy heart,
that I could not take you with me,
on this specific mission.
I am to take a message to another platoon,
about one-hundred miles from here.
I must go by myself.
By the time you receive this message,
I will have probably left hours ago.
Please, do not forget to pray,
and always keep Jesus in your life.
Promise that you will not try to catch up with me.
- Lieutenant, My Protege, and My Darling Daughter, I love you.
From: The General

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