Love Yourself

Realistic Venture

You look in the mirror

and see some stranger

it's not you

but your hue


You hate how you look

how you feel 

how you act

how you eat

how you live


You hate everything you see

in your reflection

so ready to change yourself


To be the definition 

of what people think beautiful is

what is elegant

what is divine


You force yourself to go hungry

to smile when you're on the verge of breaking down

to show some grace

to be smooth


No time to show yourself

no time to be yourself

you'd rather be what you think 

people like to see you as

but have you ever asked yourself

how you want to be seen?


Have you found anything you don't want to change?

is there any part of you that is you,

that can't be seen in the mirror?

some part that no one can just see?

but they feel.

do you feel it? 


Do you love yourself?

no matter what you see in the mirror

will you still keep loving what you see?

because baby you are more than your reflection

you are you

you define you

so please love yourself before

you try to please others

and change completely


Because I love who you are

as you are now. 



  • Author: RV (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: December 11th, 2017 21:41
  • Category: Spiritual
  • Views: 21
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