You don’t love me

You don’t love me; and that’s okay
Because I love you all the same

It won't matter the day,
I will love you to the day, all the day.
I love you, but you don't know.
If only you knew,
How my heart aches,
No matter what,
I will love you to the day.

You don’t love me
And that’s okay
Because you care enough to fake it
Maybe that’s the same

You may not love me,
But you still care,
Because you're a kind person.
Then there's me, over there.
Selfishly doing anything
To get to you.
Because I love you so much more.
You don't love me, that's not okay.
I still love you more and more.
Want to keep you because
I have so much more in store.
My heart aches.
But no matter what,
I still love you to this day.

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