My poetic side

My posts now fast approach the ton

some good some bad some just for fun

with nectar poisoned ink would run

you took away my numb


for Julian iv deep respect

this site has let my thoughts reflect

and lay them bare without regret

you took away my numb


to newcomers struggling to write

the veterans who seem out of sight

all started of like you one night

you took away my numb


to those who chose to be my friend

my gratitude will never end

iv also loved the words you penned

you took away my numb


the time has come to leave the stage

returning to an empty page

my feelings locked back in their cage

with two more still to come



  • orchidee

    Good write tepo. Yes, more poems please!

    • tepo

      thanks Orchidee
      appreciate that very much

    • Christina8

      I am saddened to hear you are leaving. Looking forward to the two more still yet to come. Great poem, I just wish you could stay.--Christina

      • tepo

        Thank you Christina
        a star to the end
        really appreciate your wonderful comments

      • lasergraph

        I feel likewide here. I look forward to the words return.

        • tepo

          you sir are a gent
          touched by that

        • Syd

          This is excellent Tepo. Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd popped into my head when I was reading it - Syd

          • tepo

            cheers Syd
            going to see Roger waters again in july
            so that comment is greatly appreciated
            many thanks

            • Syd

              You jammy bugger! I saw him in 2011 at Manchester. It was like a pilgrimage for me. Enjoy mate - Syd

            • Laura

              Will be missing you! Loved your postings! Hope to hear from you soon in the near future! Before you go, visit the Fusioned page ... Poetry is (II)... and leave one of your gems ...if you wish!

              Looking forward to your return!
              All the best...

              • tepo

                In the space of a minute
                you faved this and me
                and left this lovely comment
                you brought a tear to my eye
                extremely grateful Laura
                thank you

                • Laura

                  My pleasure!

                • Santita

                  Stevie, if you leave, you and your poetry will be really missed. Your writing is unique; and I connected with it from the first time that I read it. I really hope you keep your account open. So let's compromise; you can post 102 more poems and then we can discuss you leaving.

                • tepo

                  brilliant Santita
                  thank you for those lovely words
                  and your support
                  im just worried i will start repeating myself after 100
                  dunno why
                  really appreciate your help and encouragement

                  • Santita

                    You won't! And if you do I promise to call you out on it. If you need to take a little break; take it. But don't stop writing & definitely don't leave for good. Ok it's settled; fabulous. Glad you agree.

                  • Goldfinch60

                    It is sad that you are leaving us, please reconsider, your poetry has always been good, as is this one. Your writing and comments will be missed, please stay with us.

                    • tepo

                      what a wonderful thing to say
                      a humbling start to my day
                      thank you sir

                    • yellowrose

                      great piece of writing tepo.. you know if you are ever stuck for words or do not know what to write or feel you have nothing left to write, there are always creative prompts lol

                      • tepo

                        Thanks Rose
                        I was not aware of the prompts
                        Ta for advice

                      • Elsie

                        Tepo, this is great, you must not leave. I see a lot of love for you on here, even though I am a newbie myself. It seems like you may leave a hole that would be difficult to fill, if you go!

                        • tepo

                          Thanks Elsie
                          Think I'm past that stage now
                          Had some wonderful encouraging comments
                          Much like yours
                          Greatly appreciated
                          Welcome to the family

                          • Elsie

                            that's good!
                            I am really appreciating the warmth of everyone I have come across on here. I have never published anything before, so it is giving me a bit of confidence, although the standard is so high; there is a lot to live up to!

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