My hands tremble

I signed up to defend my nation,

Out of nationalistic pride and my love for the land I come from.

I was trained and was deemed "Ready".

I was plunged into combat, and was told to hold my rifle steady.

It was that day where I first used my bayonet.

The blood of my victim, painted my steel red.

My hands tremble.


It's been a year or so now,

And I cannot count the lives I have taken,

Have our roles been forsaken?

I see no adventure,

Like I did upon conscription.

I see no joy in war.

I only see pain and unspeakable horrors,

That I will never mention to anyone.

My hands tremble as I speak.


I now sit at home,

And I focus on nothing else,

Than what I saw at the front.

My parents call me a hero.

I do not feel like one.

I feel like a creature,

Spawned from Hell itself.

My hands still tremble as I live my now seemingly meaningless life.


  • Yahchanan AbiyaH

    I agree completely. "I see no joy in war"

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