wishful thoughts

I wish I could stand toe to toe with you, say all the things at the time I never had the courage to say.

wishful thoughts.

Now as we stand face to face you can't bare to stand me i try to make sense of the reality im now in. Sinking deeper and deeper.

wisful thoughts.

imagine falling so low waiting to hit the ground Knowing from that moment on its down to you to find all the cracks you've avoided over the years in an attempt to cement them over.

wisful thoughts.

i don't want this to end knowing we're no good together hoping together we can find a solution. I say this with emotion. The truth is I know this is are last chapeter, there will be no happy ending.



  • FredPeyer

    I like the structure and the repetition. Well written T!

    • lostthoughts

      Thank you and glad you enjoyed ✌🏾

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