The Notion of Hatred


Hate is a strong emotion,
A notion out of nowhere.
It swooshes in energetically like the ocean,
Love the only curable potion.

Hatred bleeds from you
But she quietly wipes it away with grace like a tissue.
You see here kindness
And and walk on it without issue.
Her pain is turned on herself.
But you won’t shutter at what you’ve made.
You’ve deminshed her heart
But continue as you watch her fade.
She’s broken, it’s too late
How do you not see this as a product of hate.

The surrounding hate can turn you viciously emotionless
Finally coming to a stage where you realise everyone's fucking useless.
At first my heart was as pure as the drizzling snow
Now my heart's pitch black and trust me I know it will never glow.
It's all because of the pathetic and backstabbing “people” in this world
I don't think I'm the only one thinking it'd be better in a fantasy world?
Imagine hate as a person, as if they're being thrown left, right and centre
Together we need to slaughter hate and make room for love and loyalty to enter.

Hate is the strongest form of power,
The one hardest to battle.
The only thing hate has to battle against is love itself.
Love is scared of hate; it cowers.
Hate is stronger, hate is prevalent now.
Too prevalent.
Hate is belligerent and hate is conquering.

But maybe you love to hate
A definite calmness when all you need
Is to glare, irate
Your eyes bore into others
Introspection unnecessary
Reflection a memory
As externally explosive emotions
Distract you from within
Love is to be loved
To love is to love yourself
But sometimes yourself
Gets tiresome

I hate to think about hating
I hate to think about sleeping
I hate to fit in by conforming
I hate to write when my muse is vacationing
I hate the word HATE

It’s so easy to hate and I am not innocent
It shines out my eyes like I’m bio luminescent
But what can I do, I can’t help how I feel
Why does real life have to be so real?
The best I can do is bottle it, dip my pen and use I as ink
To write down the hate I often think
Bleed it down onto the lines
And go about my business and try to act fine
I hate that my thoughts go out to play after dark
I hate I’m not Superman just good old Clark
I hate that I can see every little demon hiding plain as day
I hate that I’m broken and left the assembly line that way
But back to work!, no I shouldn’t doddle
Your fusion poem has been marked by the genie of the ink bottle

Hate makes you want to unregrettably kill
Maybe I don't have to feel the betrayal if I take a whole bunch of sleeping pills?
But I want to make them all suffer till they're begging for their unecessary life
Not one day goes by, without me picturing me tourturing their souls with the kitchen knife.
Their polluted blood casually scattered all over the kitchen counter
Whilst my innocent soul and heart gets colder and blunter.

is hate about love or is love about hate
do you select your hate and let love flow where hate dries up
or do you pick love out of a flowery bouqet, and trim the hateful stems before watering
hate is the absence of anything but the body itself
it is dispassionate, reptilian muck in a shit filled box
hate is animal instinct to drive, just keep driving just keep driving until you find somewhere you don't

Right round turns the world of trash,
Running on the dreams of hopes dashed,
The men working till their pay is slashed,
Woman laboring till their fingers mashed,
Pumping out useless delights to pacify the cogs,
Greasing the wheels until they drown in the bog,
Discarding the broken, defeated gears in the grog,
They cannot see what has happened, wandering in fog,
The world is eating them up, it their enemy,
Repulsive practices to be hated, but will be remedied.

My emotions of hate no longer control my wave
There was once a time I'd feed the rhyme
Having no faith in any others time
This was a dark place in my mind
Seeing as I saw selfishness rules
It is no lie that it still flickers by
But thanks to others I soon see the light
As quickly as I can close my fist
My heart races then I open it
I write out my thoughts and emotions
Line them up for all to see
As I opened the window of my mind
To let the breeze run free in me
Hate was a very old friend
Gone but I never forget
Thinking it made me strong
To find loneliness was its song

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