Your one friend

I don't want to be your Ghanaian friend
You know. That one friend that makes you feel like a worldly college student.
That friend that you call your family just to talk about.  So that they feel like they made the right decision to send you to a private school.
I don't want to be the friend that you see as a trophy.
Your, I am not racist.  My very good friend is Ghannian .
When I spoke to you once. During Menresa. In the Caf Line.
I don't want to be your Ghanaian friend .
I don't want to be your conversation starter.
I don't want to be your Interesting things you experienced at college.
Some may think. You really hate your friends.
But actually it's the other way round.
I love my friends. My friends.
I love the friend who is will to talk to me till 3pm at night.
I love the friend who listens to me talk about Korean shit. When I know they just want to shut me the fuck up.
I love the friend who feeds me.
Clothes me.
And made part of her family.
I love the friend who sends me random "I love you" and "i miss you"
Girl I wish you knew how much I cherish those moments.
I love my friends when they are fooling about.
Even more when they show me the not so pretty emotions.
I love them for being my home. When mine is a million miles away.
Those friends are mine. Those friends I am theirs.
But I don't want be the friend you avoid
The friend you are nice to just in public
The friend who is just your
"Oh. I know her" kind of friend
But you treat me like an ignorant fool in reality
I don't want to be your project
Your Americanized project
Twitter .Twitter
You understand Auzzy.French and Russian accents .
But when I speak . It's foul and I need subtitles
Do not correct me I don't want to speak like you.
Excuse me Miss . I am speaking the queens language.
I don't mind the friends who are fascinated  .in fact I find it cute.
Seeing them truely intrigued by the different thang twister
I don't want to be the friend you correct their every word.
I am speaking the queen 's language
I don't want to be your teacher
I don't want be your fetish
I am an intelligent African Woman
And I am mad and tired of being your sauce of humour
I really want to be your friend
I do
You seem cool
But if I am going to feed your ignorance
I would rather have no friends at all

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