Days aren’t always filled with happiness.

Today was one of those days,

Those days when sadness dominates,

An unseen force pushing, pulling, controlling.


Your physical self decides to walk,

Your emotional self is tearing down, torn in half,

A knife twisting through.

You decide to walk, over lack of anything else to do.


You leave your house, walking down the street.

The headlights of the cars on the street,

Reflecting against the sidewalk next to your feet.

You arrive at the park and stroll slowly through,

Taking your time with no further ado.


You sit on the bench, taking in the scene.

Beneath the shining stars, the river quietly glitters,

Like the ring.

The trees swoosh in the wind, expressing sadness,

Like he did when you said no.

A mother bird flies back to her nest, happily chattering,

Like you were before he asked.

A chipmunk raced up a tree, eyes gleaming in the moonlight,

On a tree branch, it sat alone.

Like you always will because you said no.


Looking at the chipmunk, your eyes fill with tears,

You let him down, you think.

You broke his heart, you hurt yourself,

Saying no did nothing

But hurt you both.

I should have said yes.

I should have saved us both before it was too late.

But wait, it isn’t too late.


A rush of realization hits you,

It isn’t too late,

You can fix it all,

All you have to do is tell him yes.


You quickly call him, getting no reply,

You hop up from the park bench, planning it all,

His house is but a few minutes’ drive from here,

You quickly jog home and grab your keys,

You rush to your car and pull out of your driveway.


You pull out of the driveway eyes filled with tears of happiness,

You hit the gas, thinking to yourself; I should have said yes.

A car swerves from the other lane,

Headlights blind you as you swerve wildly,

The other car hits yours and-

For a blinding moment your eyes meet the eyes of the other driver.

It’s him.

You get out of your car and run to him as he runs to you.

Tears splash down your face as utter;

“Yes, I will.”

You grab each other’s hands,

Walking slowly towards the glimmering river,

Looking up towards the glittering stars that look like the new ring on your finger.

You sit with him, looking at the stars until you are the stars.


News Reporter: A tragic accident happened late last night; we had an accident on the North highway, a horrible head-on car accident resulting in two deaths. Local 23 year old woman was hit head-on by local 25 year old man as shown by security cameras nearby. So far police have not found any cause of the accident and it remains a mystery why the local man swerved his car. The two were found lying next to each other by a nearby river. The mystery on this is the fact that we do not see them leave the car on the security camera. They force with which the cars hit each other would seem to have killed them, but the two ended lying together, dead, by a nearby river. It’s sweet to me, that in their last moments they were together. Police suspect wild animals of dragging them to the river, the area is being searched.


  • victoriamarie

    chilling. what a captivating really have a way with your words.

    • deepthoughts

      Thank you very much. That was what I was aiming for, so that\'s good! Thanks for the compliment!


      A fascinating insight into the mechanism of your inspiration.Poetry is a wonderfully effective way to process, work through ,strong emotions, thoughts, feelings. It does, however, reveal your emotional identity, your persona to the world. Thank you for the read ♥️

      • deepthoughts

        Thank you. I appreciate that you left a long and explaining comment, most people don't take the time. Poetry is effective and wonderful and I enjoy it very much. Thanks for taking the time to read my poem.

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