Zombie Land


Zombie land

The world- wide walls came down today

The zombie apocalypse is underway

Everything is different from yesterday

Biters running ramped, and we are the prey


The current situation looks eerie and bleak

The advanced infected can no longer speak

Rotting corpses are on the stampede

They roam the street in pacts, lusting to feed


Void of life the streets, are so desolate

There out there, driven and malevolent

The smell of death, is in your face

An ax to the head, will cease the chase


Dead ones aren’t detected, on infrared

So, find a safe place to rest your head

The party keeps going, they never sleep

They keep on stalking, seven day a week


Hunger-crazed creepers, are slow and dumb

A constant reminder, of what you could become

Don’t let them catch you, taking a snooze

Or you will find yourself walking, in their shoes



Welcome to the world of Zombie land

Where the un-dead, have taken total command

That staggering march, the walk of the damned

Humanities extinction, is close at hand





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