Andrew Guzaldo



" My Imagination comes from Curiosity,

A curiosity of LIFE,

A Curiosity of Sustenance and,

Defining the subject at hand,


As we look into the window of,

One's soul,

Through the soft glossy colored,

Window in one's eyes,


What is the dearest of treasures?

What is the sweetest of Pleasures?

A euphoria that over runs all measures,

Felicity sweetness of pursuing antiphon,


Happiness lies in the subduing of Hearts,

Whispering its vows as a tender pawn,

To those that are strangers to ardor,

Virtue is Imaginations strongest defender,


                                                                                          Homage and honor in the end fits like a glove,

When ones imagination leaps with splendor,

Makes my curiosity barnstorm and leap,

To satisfy my imagination with such provender,

To that of my curious IMAGINATION





  • Diamond

    Imagination on it's own Creation beyond measure.

  • James Michael

    Excellent and well written. Much to think about here. That seems to be what poets do best.

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