kevin browne

A Life That Never Died.

From beneath the dungeon of my part
I threaten the world in half
My graveyard whispering spirits
Enter the confusion of my padlocked heart
I lay quietly dead among myself
Besides the mystery of my doubt
And where I'm placed in this world
I'll always block that out
My foul clutch pain which is unafraid of me
From north to east and south to west pole
I'll find my home alone
Difficulties in releasing my thought
Danger seeking itself outside of me
My belly aches from dragons within
Logged upon the fire of no escape
Devil face smiles at me with desire
When I started it with Neanderthal flint
I sit on the cross and pray for existence
It sparkles the sparkle on my face
As I attempt to pray up to the Lord
Circumstance arrived and whatever it allowed
When bludgeoning took a toll on my chances
I took it all in unbowed
Immortality expired before I was torn
An existence beckoning in sweet tempers
Against a control of walking on red-hot ice
Footprints deepen as others charge
Scissoring life apart seemed a good idea
When wrong was right up a lost alley
Apparitions of myself playing Choplin
With a kind of magic before I was born
I remember thousands of years ago
When tomorrow never came 
I took a gamble and shot at healthy hearts
What was I to know?
Blood upon my skull replenishing its shine
Bursting at the seems when it leaked all out
In my despair, I found nowhere to be alive
Deadness and silent faces staring deep
For Heavens hold on life is to let go
When it cut me up with its knife, I cried
So now I dream of being awake to see
My name on the stone that we all face
There I wondered what I have done wrong
To lose it in style with a life that never died.


  • Fay Slimm.

    Kevin your pen paints the most powerful of experiences - a journey through pain in a life never ending - wow! such a dark and deep wade into memory's gamble.
    A compelling piece of work.

    • kevin browne

      yes, Fat, painting words with pens is a great experience indeed as you have pointed out. I very rarely write such dampened stuff but this ink made its mark pretty well I think. thanks so much for your very thoughtful expression towards this write.

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