My Last Christmas Vacation

Days ago,
I have received word,
of the passing of the late great general.
No one in camp,
had known about his last mission.
The only evidence,
were the orders of his superiors,
and the letter that he had wrote me.
or maybe unfortunately,
I already signed,
for a four day leave.
Although always by myself,
I usually always went all the way on Christmas.
I had my own place back home.
I used to look forward to decorating the yard.
Every year, I would buy a beautiful Christmas tree.
Everything was done,
all within three days,
and the last day there,
is when I would celebrate.
Yet this year was different.
My heart just was not in it.
All I could think about,
was how the general -
someone who I regarded,
as the only family I had - had died.
What would happen now?
Most likely,
I would now take command.
That was not the issue,
would I be able to live up to his stature?
It seemed as though,
I was all by myself.
Many more thoughts,
had raced through my mind.
On the third day,
the day that I had to leave,
to report back to duty,
on Christmas day,
I had repacked all my things.
After reading Luke 2,
as I began to pray,
I started to cry.
The last five minutes,
before I left,
I slowly walked,
through the entire house.
Somehow, I figured
that this would probably be,
the last time I'd ever come here for Christmas.
Just as I was walking out of the door,
it seemed as though the earth paused.
"Do not worry.
You are never alone.
I am always with you.
I will always keep you safe.
The Lord, thy God,
will never leave you,
nor forsake you",
said a deep voice,
and since then,
I had never seen the house again.

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