When life gives you lemons

When winter hits and depression reminds me I’m just as cold on the inside as I am on the outside i decide to take a step back, because I know sometimes my thoughts are not mine. I have lived through enough panic attacks and manic episodes to know that sometimes these hands create scars where there should be forgiveness and leave me feeling empty in all the parts that should feel full. When life handed me these lemons I let them decompose in a pile, and when I was asked if I had any lemonade, I’d just say I hadn’t gotten around to making any, just like I hadn’t gotten around to making an appointment with my therapist in months. But What they don’t tell you is that decompose Lemons make perfectly good lemonade, and when life gives you lemons it’s okay to let them sit a while until you figure out what to do with them, it’s okay to let them fall apart. So when I wake up and see winter has kissed the ground and the sun is not shining as bright I’ll take a step back and watch the snow fall and thank it for gracing me with it’s beauty, because I’ve been told when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.


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