Sporadic outbursts of love and bullshit

Getting high under fairy lights,
And laughing at shit tv,
Killing time by doing nothing at all,
All whilst enjoying the solitude of each others company,

Arguments about nothing of importance,
Conversations about failed attempts to take your life,
Including the comical truth that a first floor window with a sloping roof below,
Leads down to nothing but a realisation that life is in fact not worth throwing away, not yet at least,

Endless walks at night to the shop to spend money shouldn't, on possessions we don't need,
Knowing what another is going to say before the event occurs,
Poorly enacted decisions that go on to induce feelings that neither of us wanted,
But commonsense prevailing and keeping us at a parlay of feelings,

All interjected with sporadic outbursts of love and bullshit.

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