You Left

You left again

After just coming back

When you leave

A piece of my heart goes with you

But I cherish the pain

Of you leaving

I reminds me,

Reminds me that when you come back,

I’ll be whole again.

It reminds me that I am still alive

Still able to feel

Even with you gone


You coming home turns scarce

The amount of time you are here,

It’s almost nothing

I wonder

‘Will there be a time when you come no longer?’

I know it’s stupid to hope this be untrue


It is inevitable

Soon enough I will break

Break from the pain

The pain of being left behind

The pain of not seeing you again

The pain of not knowing

Not knowing if you will come back


When you come

I am at my happiest

A warm bundle of joy

But everything must end


And so it does

Like every other time you leave

I feel…


Void of emotion

Simply, blank

When the pain hits

I don’t show

I put on a smile

And walk around as if I’m okay

As if it doesn’t hurt

But it does

And I deal with it

For others shouldn’t have to be in my sour mood

They shouldn’t have to know my pain

They should be happy with life

While I try to live on

Try to remember that I have to eat

That I have to sleep

That I have to live

So I try,

And try,

And it works

For a few weeks I am happy again

Then you come back

And the cycle restarts...


  • vicky104

    I like it speaks truth and pain

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