in My Dreams



In dreams my world exists inside cocooned
awareness where my senses are compressed
into a strangely cramped small truth, ballooned
around me with my sight obscured, repressed

A parting kiss comes into murky view
A hellish trice as she again says no
Is this real may I right my err anew?
Tis dreaming oh I wish it were not so

Most times I move in slo-mo my feet glued
upon a surface that's not even there
I try escaping guilt intensely rued
and my wild spinning legs do run, but where?

What worlds do we attend in nightly dreams?
Fantastic loving haunts of muted screams



    Luckily my dreams are really good. Last night's, not so great. A big Oscar ate my tetras! Damn those big fish!

    Great poem!

    • Seeker

      Thank you James very much. I was always afraid to keep Oscars for that very reason.

    • Jacob Bennett

      I am at a loss for words, this poem is so visceral!
      Amazing job!

      • Seeker

        Thank you Jacob. Thanks for reading.

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