Sizes of Beauty

Baby girl you're living in a world that just ain't meant for you, you're living in a world that's only meant for that size 2.

Social media makes it seem like if yo waist line is a size 18 you ain't as beautiful or as fly as shorty that can fit in that size 2

You grow up bigger than your "friends" feeling like the struggle with you weight will never end all because you wanna at least fit in that size 10 so you can fit in a little more with your "friends"

You don't feel pretty because all you've ever known is "skinny is better" not realizing that you're a beautiful queen with sun kissed skin no matter what size those Levi's say.

And you steady thinking bout' what you lackin', not what you packin' even tho boys always tryna mac but these females steady bashin' all because you just ain't that size 2

Baby girl your beauty lies within, it doesn't matter if you're thin cause you're ALWAYS gonna win

So take pride in those thick thighs,like Shakira says "your hips don't lie" You'll always hear "Oh, you're pretty for a big girl" but I never knew beauty was defined by a waist line.



  • FineB

    What an awesome and magnificent poem and so relevant in today's modern world obsessed with Size zero and beauty.

    Keep writing

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