Under the same Sun, Moon, and Stars

It is strange how our paths collide

As if we knew all along

But pretended to fall asleep seating in the same chair;

It is simply a coincidence I repeat

But my heart wishes it were a push of fate,

Like a closed gate thrust ajar by a storm;

It is strange how the same light glints in our eyes

But of course,

We are under the same sun, moon, and stars

But could it be a light revealed by fate?

A simple mirror that showed each other’s face?


You say you only remember a girl

With hair spun in ringlets of gold

A shy smile asking if this seat is occupied

You shook your head, and I sat

You seemed different before,

A smile replaced by the floor

Clear eyes veiled by mist

What happened to make

Brown eyes darker

A smile sharper

What made you lift your head higher?

I cannot tell if you want me to believe

That you know something

That no one can grasp

Or if they,

Have grasped it

But cannot distinguish its name.


I did not speak to you then

I did not know we would be meeting again;

When I saw you at school

I did not know it was you

Sitting in the chair across the room

Shoulders hunched

Eyes traducing the crowd;

It seems as if you stepped

From a cold shower

Into the darkest night;

You let it devour your light

You gave up

Without even giving a fight.

But still I am drawn to you

The innocence in your eyes

Has faded

Replaced by a smoldering glare;

But I looked at you

As if I had never seen you before;

I never even gave you a thought,

Until now,

When you said that you never forgot.

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