A flower

Why don’t I want to wake up in the morning?
Am I just afraid to be around people
Or am I just tired of trying
I’m like a flower who is slowly dying
I sit in the mirror searching for the right appearance
When I can see a pimple growing while another, and another..
You can hear me shriek
As a tear is slowly going down on my cheek
I choke on my words like thorns are stabbing my throat
Why am I just standing there?
Why can’t I speak the words I wrote?
It feels like the paper and my throat are fighting to find words
I worry so much that I end up overthinking
That my mind is the only thing making the decisions
I feel this pressure in my chest
That doesn’t make me feel like I am doing my best
Why don’t I open up?
Is it because hide this emotion so people won’t see my blues
Or is it the trust issues I have
It’s like a mystery trying to find the clues
It just make me feel i’m not enough
I cried next to you and you didn’t notice
Did you not hear my shriek? as a tear is going down my cheek
It’s like you made me choked on my word like thorns were stabbing my throat
And you still can’t find the clues on why am I still blue
Do you feel my heart and the pressure on my chest
That you make me feel like i’m not doing my best
But then again you won't appreciate the flower who is trying you’ll just slowly watch it dying.

Shrieks were heard
but near' a bird
a Raven nor a Hawk
til darkness gleams
her haunting knows
her blackness
shines a rose


  • yellowrose

    was this a collaberation? because it says you and scrambled letters , i am just wandering .. anyhow , all i can say is wow , amazing ! :-) i can't help but love this , i love how you speak of yourself as a rose who is slowly dying and the thorns catching at your throat ...''It feels like the paper and my throat are fighting to find words'' such amazing expression , i love your clever wording here ... the poor rose, she just wants to be seen , she wants to feel good enough and she wants to open up , just like a rose who wants to feel alive again , the poor rose , i feel sorry for her ...

    • Mystic


      • Mystic

        And no i don’t know why scramble letters put the last section and I don’t even know them but this is my poem I wrote this all except the last part were it say “shrieks were heard etc.

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