Alice in not so wonderland

I am stuck inside a hole.

This hole only is to get bigger.

This hole is getting deeper.

I am falling

I am yelling

I cant find my way.

I don't know where is up,

how is out?

I am stuck inside this hole.

This hole i dug,

but wish to re-bury.

No one knows where I have been,

for quite some time now.

I am here,

trapped in this hole.

I hope that I dont die here.

This hole is depression.

I caused it by thinking too hard and long.

I sit here lie here sleep here eat here.

I feel like Im never out,

I daydream to get out.

Everyone says that they cant find me,

yet Im right here in front of them.

The real me I think to which they refer?






My pockets are dry

my stomach is empty

my friends are all long gone

my family hates me

I even hate me

I wish this poem had it wrong.

I am in this hole

but not in it whole

I want to come out so bad.

but while i am here, in the hole

all I can find is





  • Chanel T.

    This is beautiful yet touching. Keep pushing, you can push through.

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