Lucifer Sighs

Vanity’s a selfish god

(Of course) his children are jealous

I watch as they argue

(Looking about the heavens)

Anxious over accumulating clouds

Rapidly moving in early dawn skies


Fingers pointing, outwardly extended,

Too, a morning star’s delight

Reflecting back the light given

And all I hear, jealous children

(The light giver remains unseen)


As soft rain begins its fall

Finally (it is) my turn to spy

My little ones

Run inside for cover

(Too late for me)

Venus hides

Lucifer sighs


  • Candlewitch

    I sighed after reading this profound poem... it left me speechless... good work!

    *hugs, Cat

  • poelove

    thank you Candlewitch. glad you enjoyed this poem. did you happen to read between the ( )'s from top to bottom and catch the final verse?

    • Candlewitch

      hello poelove,

      I have now read the final verse! I would like to know why you think it is too late for you? I am not a christian....as a child I was abused by my zealot religious grandmother. I had to live with her for a year...it was HELL!!! she shoved her bible down my throat day and night. she punished me if I didn't recite a verse correctly...her beatings were brutal and savage...on top of that, she called me not by my name, but "Demon Seed!!!" I chose another spiritual path. but I do not hate all christians because of the things that one crazy, rabid one did to me. I still like your poem.

      *hugs, Cat

      • poelove

        the simple answer would be that it is too late for me because the clouds had moved in and covered the light. I suspect the same for you I am sorry your grandmother was a raving nightmare. trust me...there are extremist in every movement and sadly christianity has had thousands of years to go awry..i am sure you are already accutly aware of this. fortunatly I have had the benefit of knowing the good ones who do not believe in the misguiding myth of an eternal hell.(So much vanity in the fiery pulpit)...the good news is that storms pass and the lights comes back perhaps when it returns I can still greet it with the same youthful vitality i had before the storm so yes it's never too late if we dont want it to be...peace and thanks for sharing.

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      • poelove

        many people would be surprised to learn that this poem has nothing to do with Satan in fact it is the polar opposite. Firstly it is the story of me and my children looking through a telescope in the early morning at the planet Venus, before an in-coming storm arrives.
        If you were to look up the word Lucifer you would see its definition as _the planet Venus_ a more apt description for the Latin
        word (Lucifer) would be (one who gets its light from the light giver) The planet venus aside from the sun and moon is the brightest light in the solar system. The light from our sun reflects strongly off its cloudy surface. Hence the definition... one(venus) who gets its light from the Light giver(the sun). so that is one meaning in this poem. Another theme is my relation ship with God. Believe it or not the word Lucifer is a description of Jesus not Satan (as so many have been falsely led to believe} Now bear with me here/
        Jesus in scripture is referred to as the Morning Star which is also the name given to Venus as it the brightest light and mostly appears in the early morning sky. That is because Jesus is the One who receives light from the light Giver (God). If you are doubting this as truth I want you to consider this fact: The word Lucifer only appears one time in the bible that is in the old testament book of Isaiah. The story being told is of an Israeli king and his dreams of being as great as God. In this written history you will find the word Lucifer. which he is referred to as... Herein lies the crux--What is a Latin word doing in the Hebrew text? think about that- I would say that when this book was translated some monk decided to adjust the text as he saw fit to his interpretation of the story. Latin does not belong in the Hebrew old testament. That being said -ever since then people have become convinced that Lucifer means Satan when in fact the morning star is Jesus (Book of Revelations) and they say God works in mysterious ways (I don't believe that) I do however believe Satan works in mysterious ways hence the title-- Deceiver of men.. and lastly in this poem I put my final verse between the ( )'s so if you read the ()'s from top to bottom you can see that it is I who am disappointed with my relationship with God. Yes all is vanity...peace

      • Gary Edward Geraci

        St. Lucifer of Cagliari was a defender of the deity of Christ and of St. Athanasius against the Arians.

        Another bishop in the 300s—Lucifer of Siena—also bore this name. [Courtesy: Who (or What) Was Lucifer? by Jimmy Akin, October, 2015] Love the poem and the ensuing comments! Great discussion ...

        • poelove

          thank you Gary I wonder do you agree Lucifer is an improper title for the Devil? and that as a Latin word it is improperly placed in the Hebrew text? You seem well versed in catholic scripture and doctrine. I would enjoy to hear your viewpoint on this.

          • Gary Edward Geraci

            Michael, I would take Jimmy Akin’s position (a heavy hitter with the program Catholic Answers) as I know him to be “magisterial”, well versed in Aramaic, Hebrew, and Latin, a well regarded author, and a church historian who has extensively studied the early Church Fathers. After reading both your comments and Jimmy’s I’ve learned there is more to the name “Lucifer” than merely “the Devil” but I dont agree with your conclusion (you conclude “Lucifer is a description of Jesus not Satan”). Jimmy’s conclusion makes more sense and is an exegesis from both the Old and New Testaments. Please google the above title; you too are certain to enjoy Mr. Akin’s acumen in this field of knowledge. Cheers my friend.

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