moon and stars

i said you were my moon

you said i was your star

we were gunna be forever

nut now we are never

i loved you you loved me

but now we aint gunna be


you say you love me but you really dont

you put that fake smile on just to proove me wrong

i cant beilieve i fell for all thoes lies

which led into goodbyes

you didnt even look at me once

when i was out the door

now dont get me wrong i loved you

but now its all gone

all the perfection in you is now

concieted and defeated

all i see in your eyes is a blackness

coverd with regret

you used me just to make a bitch jelouse

you tried to break me

but you only made me relize your lies

through my eyes

i told you in the beggining im not here to play games

thinking of all this blame what a shame

you were a big dissapoint a fluke a flaw

yeah i feel the raw pain

insane but clearly not what i indured


i said you were my moon

you said i was your star

they go together perfectly

but in the end they fall apart


but look where we are now stuck on different paths

going different ways

its like you never existed

but you stuck in my mind

i cant get you out

no matter how hard i try

im still in love with you

my mind is telling me somthing different

but my heart wont let you go

i loved you but i cant i wont

its too hard to love someone that willapriciate

not hate

thier baby girl and love her like

its NOT the end of the world

but the beggining of a NEW true connection

thats not a puzzle that muzzles happyness

but voices it no misfit

love fitting like a glove

rising above

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  • Published: December 22nd, 2017 12:04
  • Category: Love
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