Let you go

I’m letting you go

Because I love you.

Because I tried to help you 

so many times.

Because I thought I could fix you.

But I can’t.

I can’t fix your broken life

as it slips from your fingertips

quicker than liquid silver.

I can’t fix your broken heart 

as the earth and sky crush it

with their venomous truths.


I can’t hold on. We’re both too fragile.


I know what you are; because I am

you. Souls made of the same fabric, 

I suppose.


I don’t want you to walk through hell

but you gotta recover with someone



I hope you know I love you,

because I let you go.






  • Lost at the beginning

    This is beautifully said and it’s so true. I’ve had to do this with many past loves as well. Trust me that it will get better

    Much love,

    • Shadowbox15

      I let him go about a year ago. It’s more about guilt than anything else.

      • Lost at the beginning

        You will be okay

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