Bringing It In Together

Another great year with you is ending,
my darling.
It was a perfect year,
not because it was perfect,
but because it was imperfect.
It was the little things.
It was how we grew together.
When we would get into arguments,
we realized how silly it was to stay mad.
We always loved each other.
We each put the Lord,
first in our lives.
I work the best I know how.
I try to be the best man that I can be.
I am just a simple person.
I am a quiet person.
I pray over my food in public restaraunts,
and yet you were ok with all of those things.
Now, once again,
we get to start all over.
Only, we get to make new mistakes.
We keep moving forward.
I pray, my darling wife,
that we may have many more good loving years,
to come.

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