Mixed emotions


You gotta go get angry at my honesty
I never let you down
is it never to late to say sorry now
I’ll give u the shirt of my back
I never know if you are happy
I don’t wanna argue
My lord have my heart
Teach me something
Thinking your sleeping as
I get your presents
I’ll I’ll. How wonderful how marvelous
It’s great
Amazing graze
How sweet it sounds I once was lost
This is my story
This is my savior
Bless my now my savior
Oooohhh ooohhhh
I’d used to be so happy once upon a time you were my everything
I’ll love you to the day I die
Everything seems alright
I want I want
To take you
By my side the day I met you
Oh so close
In my heart
Ur always be apart of me
Ur a good good person. It’s it’s who who you are
It’s a tender whisper in the wind
I’ve seen many seeking answers far n wide it’s who you are it’s you ur are your perfect for who you are its who you are
I think it’s so sweet so cute trying to talk to you
Believing in everything u hear
Cross my heart
I’d never lie to you noooo
You need to let it go I got this feeling all through my body
Strike twice
It’s in my blood no where to hide
Just imagine
I can’t stop
I can’t
I got this feeling in my body
My emotions go wild for you
It’s a blessing
I feel girl you know I love you
I think about you non stop
You take me place I’ve never been you make my imagination go wild
You seem like
I’m holding you I’m in love with the shape of you I rose from the dead to take control
Anything you want I’ll put a smile on it I’ll make your dreams your fantasies come trueeeeee
Do you wanna build a friendship I wish we could for the first time in forever we think so alike I say goodbye to the pain of the past let it goooooo let it goooo for turn away n say that the first time were here
Every time I close my eyes
One reason not to fight your one in a reason please don’t let go every time I close my eyes everytimes I fall asleep forgive I’m sorry I can’t stop I screwed up every time I close my eyes every times I fall asleep I don’t wanna let you go never let you go I don’t wanna let you gooooo
I’m so far away from you right now
Tomorrow I may maynot be insane bye bye bye I can’t see anything at all if I die tomorrow will u will u remember me tomorrow
The truth can hurt you the truth can change you are you ready
I just wanna be happy be happy cry myself to sleep pray for me pray for me
I’m afraid I’m about to lose it all
My tears are falling you can keep ur fancy words
Judging me won’t help will u love me if I’m dirty if I don’t meet your approval pray for meeeeeeee
I see you working really hard
All you know is my name... you don't know my story, past, or life. 

  • Author: Sayinz (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: December 27th, 2017 05:25
  • Comment from author about the poem: I love writing I usually write sayinz something different but I am working on a New short story coming out very very soon along with over 10.000 new sayinz
  • Category: Short story
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