Mixed Rulez of the Bar

Rulez Of Thee Barr
The boring mixxxxxx
1)- Buy more than one drink mainly for your friends
2)-Talk really Loud So no One can Hear You
3)-Play Darts. And try to Win as your drunk
4)- watch tv with no sound
5)- Eat sloppy greasy food that gives you Gas
6)-Wish you were somewhere else
7)- make new friends as long as you buy them beers and give them smokes or sit alone
8)-wish you could pick up the waitress/bartender
9)- how many stupid jokes do you get told over and over by the same person
10)- see how popular are you (like Norm in Cheers)
11)- pretend to do something as you watch the a girl
12)- Smoke a cigar/Cigarette and see how many join you
13)- watch how many times people move/change chairs
14)- dream of being somewhere else

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