Do you see?
Can you see what you've caused?
You've broken her
She's in pieces on the side curb
Glistening... with rays of sun piercing through her
Bleeding out crimson red
You've dropped her, that poor, fragile thing
After sitting on the fence like Humpty Dumpty
Playing carelessly with her
Now she's broken
Her heart is broken
There's nothing left to flow from her
Not tears nor even blood
She understands now not to be naïve or vulnerable
Love heals but what she understands is that she's not ready or capable of it
And one thing she is sure of is
All you do is ruin beautiful things
With that, she's invincible.



  • Author: KCO III (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: December 28th, 2017 00:01
  • Category: Short story
  • Views: 59

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