The Stranger At The Bank

It seemed as though
it was a regular morning,
as people went in and out,
the bank.
Nobody, knew a miracle
would happen that day.
Of course it was more overshadowed,
by the situation that took place.
Two bold people,
rush in a bank,
shooting their machine guns,
in the air.
As they killed the security guard,
They yelled, "Everyone lay down on the floor".
Their intentions were to kill,
and they seemed very serious.
As the policemen arrived
They had already killed two people.
It was now a hostage situation.
The two men thought,
that they had planned everything,
to the T.
Still none of them had thought,
that would meet a stranger,
like they had never seen.
He was not a teller.
He was not there to make a withdrawal,
or even cash a check.
Rather he was isolated,
from everyone else,
and decided to sit instead.
The two men approached him,
while pointing there guns,
and yelled at him to lay down.
Yet the man sitting responded
in a simple tone,
"At the end of the day,
when all this over,
will all this make you proud?
Tell me.
If the police came in right now,
and killed you both,
can you tell me,
where you would go?
Would you go to Heaven or hell,
or do you not even know".
Without even realizing it,
the three spoke for an entire hour.
As the conversation ended,
and the two men walked away,
one of them forgot about the stranger,
while the other thought about,
what he had to say.
One of the bank robbers
said to other,
"I am tired of living this life.
When that man was speaking,
I accepted Christ".
Raged with fury,
and becoming so angry,
The bank robber shot his friend.
He then walked over to the stranger,
and shot him once in the head.
It was only two seconds later,
that the police came in.
and in a split second,
the leader was dead.
Now you might ask,
'How can this story,
possibly be a miracle?
Four hostages died,
both bankrobbers shot,
and one,
by his own friend.
Look at the big picture.
Despite having two machine guns,
pointed at his face,
an anonymous man died for his faith,
and a man who lived a life of sin,
was killed,
minutes after he became a Christian.

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