The silence i speak


Now I’ve never done this before but I said fuck it lets give it a go.

 And everything else inside me is just screaming fuck girl fuck girl no.

and I write because its easy and it lets all my emotions flow.

When everyone’s so happy but I’m in the corner feeling real low.

And you’re my friends my family my all time one time bros .

but what the fucks the point of fucking talking when I cant sort out my hoes.

Now there’s this one girl and id never call her a slut

like fuck me man its just so disrespectful it drives me fucking nuts.

And everyone’s asking why did you why would you go for her ..

well let me fucking tell you I didn’t choose her no good sir.

See one day I got these feelings and it just went from there to there .

now everyone’s just sitting glaring with this hateful dead straight stare.

 Because this doesn’t happen I’m not the girl who just randomly falls and feels in the core .

and she certainly isn’t the person id usually fall for.

But when use sit and try to tell me that I’m in the wrong.

 yeah when you sit and try to tell me my hearts being played and dragged along .

why don’t you back the fuck up and sit the fuck down cause no boy your the one in the wrong.

That’s the girl I fell for and my hearts beating strong.

And yeah we have our differences and fuck she fries my head.  

but if anything was to happen to her id rather end up dead.

So bite your twisted tongue and shut your wicked lips

because with all that shit your saying your about to be fucking hit.

She’s not a fucking druggie she’s not a fucking slut

she’s not a fucking melt and she aint no fucking mutt .

She’s not a fucking tramp and she’s not a fucking slag

she’s not a fucking head wrecker now she’s not a one time shag.

She’s the girl that I like now why the fuck is that so bad .

yeah I’m sorry I don’t like you aint that just real time sad.

But you think you’ve got the answers well here’s the fucking keys

 you think you know it all boy but you know fucking shit about me.


Mocuisle Connolly

  • Author: M.M (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: December 28th, 2017 17:47
  • Comment from author about the poem: i like this girl and everyone is trying to pull me away from her saying i can do better and earlier we got in a fight and on telling my friends this a lot decided to foul mouth her. i got so angry i fell out with loads over it . its a bit of a rap but here it is..
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  • FredPeyer

    Well, you say it how it is. Raw and honest, maybe a few "f" words too much for me, but that is me. You make up your own mind and then live with it. Forget the naysayers!

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