On the cusp of impertinent time
Silence claws through & devours me
Beget from the cave of emptiness
It pours into my bereft sea

Hushed tides quietly linger
In the still current of isolation
Swirling in hues of bleak grey
That float to the wake of desolation

Where palpitations of blazing fire
Once raged with vehement momentum
Now persist taunts of hopeless dreams
& happiness shows it's face seldom


  • Goldfinch60

    This is a very sad write but I am sure all will be good in your life as happiness shows it's face more frequently - as it will.

    • Santita

      Thank you, Andy! Always appreciate your ray of sunshine around here!

    • Michael Edwards

      A jaunty little number :) A great write Santita

      • Santita

        Thank you, Michael! I like that word "jaunty"!

      • orchidee

        A fine write Santita. Yep, you've perfectly described my Christmas with KP! lol.

        • Santita

          Thank you, Orchi! LOL I am sure your Christmas was warmer than this piece!

        • Louis Gibbs

          A dark write for sure ... been there, done that. Well penned, Santi!

          • Santita

            Thank you, my dear! Some times the lines just pop in my head and the pen goes with it!

          • BRIAN & ANGELA

            GRACIAS SATITA ~ A me gusts el meteforo del Mare furioso ! It happens sometimes ~ Mia Amiga Preciosa ~ But for someone as lovely and sensuous as you ~ it can only be ~ "Una Tormenta que pasa ~ entonces las olas sensuales d'amor apasionado !" I'm coming ~ please wait for ME ! Abrazos y Besos y Amor Muchos de mi carazon por TU ! BRIAN ~ Hombre d'olas sensuales !

            • Santita

              Aww thank you, B! I'm waiting! lol. *besos y abrazos*

            • dusk arising

              You've been eating beans again haven't you? I applaud the dietry fibre therein but look at the side effects. Hope you had a wonderful christmas break.

              • Santita

                Just rude. You are lucky I like you.

                • dusk arising

                  its charm hun, pure Brit charm

                • Christina8

                  I know this is such a sad write but it is so well written! I love the last two lines. So good to see a Santita poem!!

                  • Santita

                    Thank you so much, dear! Your continued support is appreciated more than you know!

                  • WL Schuett

                    Love to read your poems Santita, this one really captured the feeling that something is missing or lacking and that it is hidden and I could feel the emptiness,the isolation of the hopeless despair....
                    Wow great writing ,glad you’ve found your pen I’m still looking for mine ....

                    • Santita

                      I found my pen after reading some poems.. they were inspiring! Thank you for your wonderful comments, dear! You understood this piece very well:) I appreciate you!

                    • FredPeyer

                      Wonderful choice of words: 'cave of emptiness', 'bereft sea', 'hushed tides'

                      I got so engrossed in your beautiful writing that I didn't even feel the sadness and anguish. But the last line does give hope. Even though happiness is not there all the time, it is there sometimes, so not all is lost, and you can look forward to better times!!!

                      • Santita

                        Thank you so much, Fred!! Your comments are always a pleasure to read! Appreciate you, my friend!

                      • malubotelho

                        Hey Santita, happy new year. 🎊 I love your poem. It is sad but beautiful. It is nice when we can make our sadness into an art piece. This is what you did here.

                        • Santita

                          Hi love! Happy to see you! I am glad to read this comment from you and I look forward to your next poem! Hope to see one from you soon!! Take care *hugs*

                          • malubotelho


                          • Laura


                            I’m in that “cave” right now!
                            I’m stuck there!
                            I can’t seem to get out!

                            I know I’ll be fine...
                            but it’s an uphill battle!

                            Loved reading your poem because it expresses exactly how I feel! A period of hardship at the moment. The smile makes it’s appearance for my mom’s sake! I need to keep her smiling!


                            • Santita

                              I hope that you get out of that cave soon, dear! I know that it is a hard place to be in. Keep smiling! Thank you for your support :)

                              • Laura

                                You’re welcome!😊

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