Just a Normal Day


Zombies walk to the tall, looming, building.

Anxious, depressed, and sleep deprived zombies.

Monotonously going through their daily schedule,

5 days a week, 10 months a year, for 13 long years.


Sign in and out to do your business,

Piles and piles of homework to do,

Limited time to eat your food,

Phones, a comfort and friend, are "evil" and "harmful".


You have social anxiety?

Be sure to make eye contact when presenting to a dozen other students!

You have depression?

Wake up when the birds sing and work your butt off!


Up and down go the heads,

Reading and copying down the notes,

Glasses go on as the world spins round,

Until hands begin to cramp and legs begin a-tapping.


Get good grades! Be polite and respectful!

Do all the homework! Study hard!

Volunteer! Understand what's taught!

And don't forget about your social life!


Go into extra curricular activities!

Chess club or book club,

"It'll look good on your résumé!

A well-rounded student!"


And then some adults say "it's not all that bad".

  • Author: Eeva (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: December 30th, 2017 08:24
  • Category: Reflection
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  • SunSearcher

    Hind sights 20/20 😉 good write. Good luck, hopefully it will all pay off one day.

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