HAVE A ROTTEN DAY (Have a Nice day version) By Reverend Joshua Loburak


(Have a Nice day version)
Reverend Joshua Loburak

I was always told if you do have
Nothing nice to say at
Don’t say anything at all
So hear I sit with my tongue
Stapled shut
Walked into a bar saw all the people
Thought i what the heck
Went to sit down
This guy moves my stole
And I fall on my azz
He thinks it’s funny
By but I’m in pain
Go to sit somewhere else
Seems fine
So far
This lady comes over and starts ordering
And charging them to me
I ask her to leave
I get
Look at everyone
Say to the lady
You already smell like a
Sewage plant
And look like a horses azz
I go over to the guy and
Pull his stole
Kick him in the face
And I almost forgot to say
Have a nice day
I walk into Walmart
No one around to help
All the workers are bullshitting
With each other
There is never enough isles open
To check out
I go over to customer service
Ask for help they forget about me
I go back to a employee ask for help
Says he is busy
Just standing there
Walks away
I go back to customer service
Thank you for your help
Pick him up
Put him in a shopping cart and shove him
Down good ole Route 66
I go back to the employee
Say to him why didn’t you
Help me
He started walking away
So now he is one of zHeff Dunham’s
I go to leave the store
I almost forgot
Have a Nice Day
Stop at a Gas station
Low on gas
Only have a one fourth tank
If gas
Low on washer fluid also
I’m waiting as he just stands
Inside looking at me
When the sign says full service
I’m still here
So I thought he might be one the phone
I decide to wait alil more
It’s been ten minutes
Nothing just inside starring at me
I walk into the gas station
Grab a pipe and shove where the sun
Don’t shine
I almost forget to say
Have A Nice Day
Go to the park at the local park
For a picnic
Only one parking spot left
This car cuts me off
Takes my spot
I say can you move your car
No answer keeps walking
So I go to the car
Run it over with my Monster Truck
Now it’s jack in a box
I almost forgot
Have a Nice Day
Are you tired of those info commercials
Are you tired of people trying to sell
You stuff you don’t need
they don’t stop
They Repeat
Over and over
So I call the television station ask them to
Take those info commercials off
Just Run Tv with any kind of
They laugh at me
I call the people who are always trying
To sell you shit you don’t need
I ask them to take me off the list
To stop selling
To stop calling
They hang up on me
So I go to the television station
Walk in with flower
Asking to talk to the guy who
Runs runs the cameras
He is now a camera himself
I go to the people who
Sell try to sell you stuff you don’t need
Blow there place up
I almost forgot
Have A Nice Day
Decided to go for a ride got in my car
Traffic is light
Have some azz hole
Riding my behind
I’m doing the speed limit
But keeps getting closer
So I slow down
And the car is still riding my behind
I wave him too pass
I move over to the other lane
But the car is still there
When the light turns red
I get out of my car
Approach the car
Pull him out
Tie him to the front of the car
As I put it in gear
Going Eighty-five flying down the ride
As he goes flying over two hundred feet
With his car
Into a Dunkin’ doughnuts
As I get my coffee
I almost forgot
Have A Nice Day
I go back home
My relatives are there
Fighting as usually
I can’t stand them
Always getting on my nerves
Asking for money
For rides
Never wanting to leave
I grab there stuff
There it out the windows
The doors
Everywhere I can
I through them into the
I almost forgot
Have A Nice DAY

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  • Published: December 30th, 2017 00:57
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