Ego tripping (there may be a reason why): Emmulation of Nikki Giovanni

Ego tripping (there may be a reason why)
Emulation of Nikki Giovanni
By Delaney Smith

I was born on the sun
I traveled throughout all time and space
I created the summer heat and the winter storms and the autumn breezes and the spring rains
I am a whisper

I dance in the sky
spinning with the cotton candy clouds
I felt cold and brought flames down from the sky
to warm me up.
I am a storm

My oldest story is of life
my hands brought up flowers
from rock ground
I am a lovely woman.

I looked upon the water and rose up
the pacific ocean
With a sack of precious time
and a handful of coins
I swam across it in three hours
I am a fish so quick
so quick you can't see me.

For a birthday present when I was four
the sun gave me a rainbow
I gave her the sky for mother's day
My grace lasts ever on

My friend neil joined a space team and
I sat proudly in the cockpit
as we flew to the moon

I turned myself into myself and was
a queen

People praise my powerful name
All love All love
I am the one who would light the way

I grew butterflies from my lawn
My eyes dripped dark golden tears
The scrapings off my shoe are
glittery diamond flecks

On a trip east
I met a joker and laughed
My voice bringing color to the modern world
I am so radiant even darkness starts to flee.
I traveled south to arrive north and had to float off
the land as I went
The polish from my nails chipped and roses were laid
across 4 continents.

I am so strong, so beautiful so distant so good
I cannot be understood except by my own

I mean… I … can dream
like a child in the night.

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