Tristan Robert Lange

Death Rattle

The master's stroke,

The swift striking of a key,

Resonates throughout the vessel

Of poetic music made tonight.


Who will hear the tune,

Who will listen to its call

To delve deep into the aged heart

And extract the maestro's soul.


Everyone wants a piece,

To dine with the genius

Of the one who makes true music

Like the whisping winter winds.


The icy chiming strokes

Of fingers upon ivory keys

Beckons forth the ghostly presence

Of death's intoxicating rattle.




  • Lawless

    Ain't no death man. Whatcha you is, is whatcha is. Many lives to see whatcha yous see. A place for every bodies.

    • Tristan Robert Lange

      Thanks for reading! Much appreciated, as always!

      • Lawless

        You're welcome! As always! You are swell! šŸ˜œ

      • Louis Gibbs

        An enticing, enigmatic write, TR. I enjoyed reading it.

      • Santita

        This is beautiful, Tristan! I like how you pulled us into this piece with music analogies! I agree, with Louis, very enticing. Your imagery is consistently great too! Awesome!

        • Tristan Robert Lange

          Thank you Santi! Your feedback means a lot...always. Thank you for reading!!!

        • Tony36

          Great write

        • Lawless

          You're welcome! As always! šŸ˜œšŸ˜œ

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