Jayce Elliot

Possessed or Depressed

You’re killing me.
I can hardly function because of you
Sometimes I’m up all night, sometimes I can’t get out of bed
But only you decide which it will be
I close my mouth and don’t say a word or I’m non stop talking full of energy
It’s a never-ending roller coaster ride with you
I’m never aware which it will be until it happens
I’m always tired of sleep or without
I get frightened for no reason
I make impulsive decisions based on that fear
You’re killing me.
Sometimes I can’t feel anything at all
Other times I feel everything and it’s overwhelming
I can’t breathe because of you or my heartbeat is rapid
I can’t speak because of you or my speech is quick
I can’t move because of you or me I am everywhere
I’m afraid or I’m never afraid of everything
I hate you
I hate me
I hate us
I’m dying.
Everything collides at once and I fall
And I can’t stop falling
And that’s by far the scariest feeling in the world
I’m screaming on mute
People realize I’m off
Sometimes I think they know your presence
But they don’t know the seriousness of it all
I’m surprised I’ve made it this far
I can’t control you
I can try my best to hide you and it worked for a while
But sooner or later it was bound to show just enough
And it was too late
You killed me.


  • Tony36

    Well written and expressed

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