your soft lips

brushing against my skin

lingering around my lips then,

our tongues flicking at each other


you find better ways

to use your mouth.

to my neck you go,

kissing and sighing on

then there is my collarbone

you imagine all the hickeys

you want to glue onto it

to my own two breasts

attempting to breastfeed, i presume

suckling and nibbling harmlessly

like any baby would do to his birthmother


my navel's a pleasure

tickling by your breath

and churning a rise

in my stomach

your hands slip to my waistband

and you pull my undergarments down,

exposing the empress between my thighs.


you simply lick me

i throw my head back

you simply touch me

i arch my back

you simply moan for me

i moan for you back


your warmth is all

i asked for

but you gave me

molten lava

and i burn and transform

to charcoal,

crying because of the excess pain,

yet moaning deliciously because of the excess pleasure.

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