kevin browne

Where Love Has No Ending.

Til dawn starlight displays fade
Crows squawk waking up the morning dew
Landscapes blossom swaying human-like
As if drunk on the air of something new.
Angels mounted on the shoulder of Gods will
Upon our hearts, all are here to blame
For Heaven is a sacred place for home
And where reality is put to shame.
Reflections of the Aurora performing Mozart
From planet to planet we perceive it more
An existence of flavoursome pretty things
Where the devil scratched down on the floor,
Cosmic visions enter galactic territories
Committed by our love to roam and stare into space
The wonders of the universe spelt in majestic verse
Pleasured and bewildering by its almighty grace.
Venus pulls its strong feelings of affection towards
Gargantuan sparkles in the rise of another horizon
The haze crazy mist fogs up the brightened shine
Find a brand new star and name it 'That's The One'.
And in that mass, you'll discover something else
Gravity holds down the forces of a broken love
So hop over to Pluto and not feel left out like me
If Saturn falls asleep I'll wake it up with a shove
Earth spins slightly adjacent to a man's beating heart
Where the Sun flows through the veins of his tears
Mercury cracks open the demise of heated pulses
But a smile on the moon will last for millions of years.
Distance lays somewhere in-between love and a lucky star
And we can dance and romance without pretending
That these two hearts grew into one
Where love has no ending


  • FredPeyer

    Love the last three lines, Kevin!

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