J D Cully

Young At Heart


A fun run in the sun
And in the foyer we talked our lunchtimes away
We shared our Double Deckers in December
In the common room, a joke and a smoke
And doing the Timewarp at endless parties
Is heaven when you're 18
But don't eat the sausage rolls

Now we're older and we look at the town
While the rat race swings our friends up and down
We sit back in our chairs with a beer
And watch the wheels go round

Let me look at you, sister
Still you have the prettiest eyes
One unique 4th of December
Two dozen 23rd of Julys
Unfurl the Jolly Roger, sister
Tell me we will have happy times
And I'll see you by the majestic Solent
We'll sing the Chimes

'93, you're at the Library
We'd meet in a busy High Street and just sit outside
The Nationwide
I had to leave old Gosport town
So in the Trafalgar we drank one more time
As on the juke box Neil Sedaka sang
We said goodbye

That something's still there when I see you weekends
And you tell me stories of all your friends
It's still in your letters today
And never ends

Now I hear your name, sister
Mentioned down at the Village Home
Always a smile for each other
So, you see, we're never alone
We've sung each other our lives and loves
And watched them flow under the Hard
Take a little look at me, sister
Tell me you enjoyed my postcard


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