2 Years Ago

Two years ago, so many months behind

Chasing after you, a dreadful feeling of mine

Unable to be in control, unable to control your actions

I tried to regain control without asking

Two years ago, and just a couple weeks back

I panicked because I just let my heart relax

I kept thinking about you, and I kept thinking about me

I can’t force something to work, if it’s not my destiny

My words was smooth, but my actions were cruel

I led you to believe I would never hurt you

What a fool, what a fool

Two years of being stuck on you

Don’t listen to the nonsense

Don’t believe everything you here

Just because you say forever don’t mean the love will stay there

Too much on my mind, too dumb to just let go

Obsessing over you, trying to get back to you

I don’t know what I was thinking

But now I understand what it was

Addicted to the lustful thoughts

Instead of focusing on love

I gave you great pains

I gave you things you never asked for

I wished I did all the things I intended to do

But instead I kept chasing you

The first time I ever been obsessed

The first time I ever been stuck

So many times I asked myself say what

What are you doing?

What are you thinking?

Why haven’t you changed?

How do you expect to get her back?

If you stayed the same

So stupid, so cruel when it came to thoughts

My name never ran across your brain

You was way past the idea of making it work

I was left with all the hurt

You suffered, but I ended up hurting in the end

Everything that once stood tall all had to come to an end

So many days I wanted to cry

So many days I wanted to stay locked in my room

The smell like your sweet perfume

No kiss like yours

No softer feel then your lips

I dread the way I think, because you I still miss

I’ve been everywhere

I’ve been in and out

Not knowing if I’m crazy

Because I said with you, I couldn’t live without

It’s killing my pride

It’s killing my soul

The final moments of me letting go

Don’t judge me from where I been

Just judge me from where I’m at

I know you don’t love me no more

But I wanted the feelings to be as mutual as that

Most of the things are true

The things that I was accused of

Falling in love with the one I was scared of

The one that I just wanted to be friends with

Everything had to end

Everything just happened so sudden

These tears from my eyes

Makes the lines to your heart flooded

I know I cannot understand

I may not ever believe

That I have to let go in order to heal too

But I chose to play the role of a fool

So here’s a reminder

Here’s a reminder never to forget

I may not have you anymore but the memories will still exist

Two years ago I learned how to love

I also learned how to manage

I was terrible, and I never planned it

I wouldn’t know what love is if I invented it

I just needed a shoulder, I just needed something to lean on

Your love I always seem to feen for

Now I finally understand why you left me for

2 Years Ago…

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