envious heart: by eddy styx

envious heart

under the new moon
midnight confessions
rise to the surface
on the tide of secrecy.
whispering of doings
dark and dangerous are
but a moment on the tongue,
linger like a feather
floating in the pregnant air.
she will listen eagerly
with hungry ears wanting more.
she has just a touch of evil
dancing in her eyes,
as she worships all things dodgy
under the deep blue velvet skys.
long has she lived
under the guise of sweetness
while envying "the tart"
you never know for certain
what's in a person's heart..


  • Scrambled Letters

    I love the feel you leave us with Cat

    • Candlewitch

      thank you! I'm glad that you liked it :)

      *ever, eddy
      *hugs, Cat

    • James Michael

      Been under the "Supermoon" too much. One never knows what lurks under that thing. Take it from a lunatic!

      Super write!

      • Candlewitch

        LOL! thanks so much from one lunatic to another :)

        *hugs, Cat
        ever, eddy

      • FredPeyer

        Your word artistry is awesome, be it Cat or Eddy. Kudos!

        • Candlewitch

          dear Fred,

          glad to hear it...thanks so much!

          ever, eddy
          *hugs, Cat

        • ZIGGY

          you never fail to impress amazing as always a delight to read ,,,,zigs

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