An Ugly Patch Of Grass

I was once an ugly patch of grass.

People used to walk all over me.

No one saw me as anything worth grooming.

I was a small lot surrounded by mansions.

Therefore, not only was I an ugly patch of grass,

but a small one at that.

Yet as I was left untouched for so long.

I grew wildly until every patch was gone.

I was uneven, and filled with weeds,

until someone came and noticed me.

That someone noticed my potential.

So that someone shaped me and edged me.

Since then, I have been dug up.

I have had weight put on me,

and had even been drilled on.

That was my foundation.

However, in the end,

I stood taller than than every building around me.

Thank you God for taking me from a ugly patch of grass.




  • Tony36

    Great write

  • w c

    loved it

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