Flowering empathy ...Blooms

Run my beautiful one,


Have you not heard?

(Jealousy raped Vanity!)

Their child

That child Envy!

She searches for you

…With scissors


  • Gary Edward Geraci

    I sense a common motif in several pieces of your work: the hypocrisy of the human vices (jealousy, envy, self-seeking - sons and daughters of the great one: pride); present and working their destructive mayhem. No-one can save themselves; only with God’s grace can a free person turn from such vice and begin to embark on a more ‘wholesome’ course; to freely empower the intellect and will; to freely form one’s conscience for the good of self and neighbor. These are your TRUE motives of credibility when it looks like everything around you is falling apart.

    • poelove

      I could not agree with you more thank you for taking the time to peruse.

    • Poetic25


      very well depicted
      M :)

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