Never Be Good Enough For Anyone



I'm done trying to be everyone helper

I'm done trying to make everyone else happy besides myself

no one understands what I'm going through emotionally

no one cares about me anymore

I'm just done with everyone bullshit

I'm done with everyone using me

im not superwomen or a fucking nanny

I'm just trying to do something for myself but everyone is always putting me down

I hate that everyone judges me about my body or how I dress or who im dating

I will never be good enough for anyone in this world

im always putting myself down because of what others tell me

sometimes I just look into the mirror and wondering why im still here if no one wants to me or wants to be around me

am I that bad of a person

will I ever love myself or will I always be a nobody

I sometimes hate myself for not being good enough, for not going out to have fun friends or go on date with a guy that I like

I hate that im always hid from the world

I hate that im always feeling like im not good enough

I will never be good enough

why do I have a big heart

why do I have to have a family like this

I just wish that one day they will regret hurting me like they did

I will not be the same person anymore

I will make myself into someone I've always wanted to be

cause I know one day I will be enough for someone one day



  • FredPeyer

    And that day has come!
    Welcome to MPS, Kivi! Here you can be part of our family of poets. No judging. You are a good writer. Show us what you can do, write your heart out, try different styles, experiment. You will see it is both a lot of fun and a learning experience.

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