Am I Lost?

Notice of absence from Diamond
Moving full-time into MUSIC

Am I Lost?


I find myself lost

Is it in the Light of Truth

Or the illusion of reality

It can even be reality like dream

Or the Truth in a dream

May be none of them

I feel non-existent

For I feel nothing


  • Laura

    Lately, I’ve been asking myself that exact same question every single day! I also ask myself if there will ever be an answer!

    • Diamond

      The answer is there is no answer. That's for me.....

      • Laura


      • Tony36

        Great write

      • FredPeyer

        So well written, Diamond, made it a favorite!
        My take here is that as humans we can get lost, but our souls will never be lost. And feeling 'nothing' might only mean that we are able to disconnect from the physical to enter into the feeling-less non-physical.
        What I love about your poems is that they always make me think.

        • Diamond

          I am glad you enjoyed it Fred. As for now, I am pretty lost. Appreciate your reading.

        • James Michael

          Very intriguing poem. I am forever lost seeking answers. Maybe the answer is nothingness. Your fine work always explores the possibilities.

          • Diamond

            I was never as much lost as I am now Lawless. The possibilities, only Infinity knows.

          • tepo

            Amazing writing
            Pleasure to read

            • Diamond

              Thank you for reading my friend.

            • Scrambled Letters

              Being afraid of the truth all too often I tend to favor the illusion of reality.

              • Diamond

                Truth and illusion are all one....appearing differently according to the manipulations within the reflections of one\'s mind. Appreciate your reading always!

              • Goldfinch60

                Very good write Diamond, dreams and truth co-exist and they can get confused but the truth will always be sen in time and the feelings will return.

                • Diamond

                  Thank you for reading Gold. Heart is the centre of feelings. A snow sun?

                • WL Schuett

                  Good writing my friend glad this was written a while ago ....

                  • Diamond

                    Never the less I can relate with it, more intensely and more painfully. Thank you for reading my dear friend.

                    • Diamond

                      Yet, It is what it is.

                    • Syd

                      Great write Diamond.

                      - Syd

                    • Poetic Dan

                      We are all lost but we are found.

                    • Jo Middleton

                      So simple yet so amazing... Good work

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