I speak but my words seem to fall short, crumbling before the passage of the ear

Frustrating gnawing deep within, held back by a seemingly unconquerable fear

Ignored for too long, this is all wrong, I must become strong to create a place for me to belong

So I take a deep breath, maybe 1 or 2 more, a shaky step, darting eyes, but a determined soul


Looming upon the stage, a drought has begun within while rain falls out upon my body

A thousand eyes pierce me, a small voice cries out inside and struggles to flee

Fists clenched, back straight, a mighty roar erupts from my lungs shocking the crowd

A fire is born, burning away doubt into ash, consuming the silence steadfast and loud


Gathering up the last remaining traces of terror, I expel them with a single blast

My shadow lies behind me, a reminder of every fail of the not-so-distant past

A resilience bred and prepared to handle the future when things become rough

As I step into tomorrow, taking what would not be given, for of the present I had had enough




  • DeviLove

    so positive for the new year! love it!

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