The Curse This Country Has

I love my country.

There is no place better.

Still there has been problems in the new world,

since man has first met her.

In the fifteen hundreds when the west was found.

The Spanish used Indians as slaves,

to till the ground.

In the sixteen hundreds,

we found our freedom land.

We were free to make choices.

We were free of the kings hand.

The pilgrims made friends,

but they all had a feud,

till each indian was dead,

and some pilgrims were too.

The pilgrims faced,

a harsh winter snow,

but that's what happens,

when you reap what you sew.

In the seventeen hundreds,

our country started to form.

We were then taking slaves from africa.

Once again, England took us by storm.

George Washington rebeled,

and led us in war.

We rid the country of taxes.

So now we were poor.

In 1776, we signed the declaration of independence,

The unwritten rule said, 'blacks were the exception'.

So they started to call us,

the United States.

With thirteen colonies,

that is now known as our darkest days.

It was the eighteen hundreds,

that the transcontinental railroad was built.

It was built by the Chinese,

they were beaten and killed.

We took credit for it all,

and not one Chinese face,

was in the picture,

with plenty of space.

Lincoln came into office.

He had values and good ways.

He said in his deep voice,

"There will no more slaves".

The South wanted to succeed,

and leave the United States.

So to keep us united,

we killed every face.

Somebody shot Lincoln,

in the back of the head,

but at least the north won the war,

with cities destroyed, and many people dead.

Slavery ended,

but blacks received no respect.

They were given nothing but grief.

So they took it in check.

I am sure that God saw it.

Perhaps he had mercy,

by giving others the great depression,

In the nineteen thirties.

The fifties came.

The movement began.

Whites were helping blacks,

and blacks were fighting back.

Vietnam came,

where blacks and whites got along.

They agreed about the Vietnamese,

and called them names.

So finally we lost.

Again, we had John F. Kennedy.

He was a man of integrety and ideas.

So someone shot him head,

from a building in dallas.

The seventies came,

and so did the panther.

They hated the white man,

and everything they thought mattered.

Now there is gangs created in L.A.

for every race.

Maybe that's why,

crack came from cocaine.

The drugs came loud,

but the arrests we kept quiet.

I suppose it was the urban nationalities,

that wanted to riot.

Now today, filled with 'black lives matter',

and neo-nazis want to see the world shatter.

I love this country and it's government.

After the Lord, I put this country first.

Everything else in this country is usually changing,

except for that four-hundred and fifty year old curse.










  • orchidee

    Good write Forever.

  • FredPeyer

    An epic, very well written!

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