Chapter one murderer in wedlock

McKinsey Rose Lynn

" The police got report of the body being found, around three a.m. on Saturday morning. Word has it a young woman came upon the body walking home from an nearby club. The body was identified as a white male in his mid twenties, cause of death? Examiners say blunt force trauma to the back of the skull.
However multiple stab wounds and what appeared to be burns; were also found on the victims body. The wound on the back of the head, most likely was the cause of death. However their not ruling anything out.
The body was found outside an abandoned house on Southwest Main St. About five miles away from the bar the witness was said to be coming from. Officer Jack Destial, was the first cop upon the scene. And was reported to be intoxicated himself. A local cop, and former high school football star. Makes the topping on this news reporters cake. As Destial is the first cop in our towns history to have shown up to every scene intoxicated.. .. "
Destial hit the power button on the remote, slamming it down on his coffee table.
"Intoxicated my ass! Fucking reporters. " He muttered under his breath. "More worried about me drinking than a murderer on the loose. Fuck! A good way to keep your priorities straight, dumb asses. " He slammed his head backwards, throwing his arms over the couch.
Closing his eyes, he concentrated on his headache. But was soon jolted from his trance, by the sound of knocking at the door. He mentally debated on whether or not to answer it. Sighing, he pushed himself off of the couch. Wiping his face with his left hand, he wobbled over to the door.
"Who is it? You know what Fucking time it is?! " He grumbled, turning the door knob. "U'm. Hello sir, I would like to confess to a murder. I'm the one who killed that man on the news. "
Standing before him, a tall slender young woman stood up with pride. Before he knew it he was laughing. He looked at the woman, trying to contain his amusement. Her face showed that she was serious, she meant busniess. "I take offense to your laughter, sir. Do you think, due to the fact that I am a woman, I can't be the killer? "
She asked crossing her arms over her chest. He watched as she shifted upon her feet, she was nervous. He pondered whether or not to believe her. "Ma'm? No offense but hypothetically speaking, if you were the killer. And that's a big if. Why show up to my house to confess? You could've went down to the station, and they would've booked you right then.
So Ma'm, what are you doing here? " He replied, yawning. "Well sir, looks can be deceiving." She replied, smirking from ear to ear. "Look behind you. " She almost whispered .
Staring at her face, he began to feel uncomfortable. He turned towards his living room, nothing out of the ordinary. When he turned back to the door, the woman was gone. "Why do I always get the crazy ones? " He mumbled under his breath.
Closing the door, he walked towards the kitchen, deciding to grab something to eat. The pale insides of the fridge stared back at him, as his stomach growled. Grocery shopping it it is. He reminded himself.
Sighing, he walked over to the sink, and turned on the water. Next he opened up a cupboard, and grabbed a glass. Filling it up, he reached out for a drink.
He let the glass slip from his hands and lips, causing it to shatter. "In other news, police have identified the vandlist who carved up the local highschool." The TV blared. Scared, he swore to himself. Maybe he didn't turn it off? But that's impossible, he would've herd it. But he was too busy talking to that crazy woman.
Quietly he slipped his left hand into the top drawer, carefully pulling out a knife. Gently he slid it towards the back of his arm, concealing it from others sight. Slowly he walked back towards the living room, looking over every detail.
"Show yourself. I'm a cop, and breaking an entering is a crime. So I'm going to say it again. Show yourself. " Destial yelled into the empty room. "I know who you are, sir. But you were so rude to me earlier, we're you not? I think it's only fair that I be rude back. " It was that woman's voice, and it was coming from the hallway.
"What do you want? " He asked clutching the knife as he strood down the hallway. No response was giving, as he found the hallway was empty. She must've gone into one of the rooms, he thought to himself.
Entering the first room, and checking it thoroughly he found nothing. He continued checking the next rooms, also finding nothing. The only room left was his at the end of the hallway. Steadily he walked towards the room, trying to stay silent. Gripping the door handle, he turned it slowly. Ready for anything to happen.
Once inside, he dropped the knife out of his hands. What sat before him almost gave him a heart attack. If it wasn't for the three years of being a cop, he probably would have had one. Sitting in a pool of blood, that was soaking the bed. The woman sat crossed legged. And behind her on the bed was several body parts.
Their fresh blood pooling across his sheets. The woman stood up, an met him halfway. Blood caked most of her clothes and hair, she looked like she took a shower with their blood.
"Speechless? Not surprised. Most men are, when they found out their gonna be killed by a woman. " Her voice was chipper, and filled with excitement. She reached for something inside her pants pocket, as he stood there frozen to the floor.
"Why me? What have I done to you? " He asks, standing perfectly still. The woman chuckled, and grinned. Slowly she walked closer to him, hand burried in her pocket. Her eyes were dark, and had no emotion. "Humanity needs a wake up call. And in order to send the message I want. I have to kill men. And you so happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. " She pulled her hand out of her pocket, revealing a small pocket knife.
"Fun fact. Dip a knife into snake venom make it ten times more dangerous. However once you cut someone with it, the venom works just as well as a bite. " She replied, turning the knife in her palm.
He took a deep breath, and jumped towards her; hand reaching for the knife. Successfully, he pinned her down to the floor with ease.
"You women talk to much. " He laughed, clutching her left wrist that held the knife. In the back of his mind, something felt wrong. She wasn't resisting, however she wasn't ready to comply. The grin was still on her face, and it creeps him out.
"You men, always have to be in control. And that is your down fall, you never think things threw. So. Jack, that's why we chose you to be our voice. " She replied tilting her head to the side.
He sat there dumbfounded, "we"? Voice? Chosen? What the fuck was she talking about! "Sorry to cut this short, but I have somewhere I need to be. " She replied, as something heavy hit against the back of his head. His body fell to the side, as she slid out from under him.
"Good job honey, now help me get him into the truck. We have to get to your sisters house by three. " She spoke to a tall broad figure standing over her and Jacks body.
"Yes ma'am." The voice was husky, and deep. He picked up Jacks arms as she picked up his legs. Together they took him out the back door, to their truck. "You did well dear. " The voice broke the silence as they slid his body into the backseat.
"We did good, honey. " She replied grabbing his face and pulling him in for a kiss. The blood on hers smeared across his lips and cheeks. Breaking the kiss, the locked their hands together and quickly unlocked them.
I watched as all of this happened right from my computer. Security cameras were easy to hack, and made good shows to sit and watch. I watched as the broad man jumped into the drivers seat, her in the passenger drive off down the road.
Standing up, I walk over to another desktop to see a red dot blinking on the screen. My tracker was successful. I knew where they were and where they were heading. I sat back down in my chair, and grabbed my cellphone off of the desk and dialed a number.
"Their heading east towards Riverside. Yes. I'm on it. Goodbye. " As I hung up the phone, I close my eyes. And let sleep over come me.

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  • Published: January 7th, 2018 04:16
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